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I am a Tech Entrepreneur and Photographer who is passionate about great design, disruptive technology and alkaline lifestyle. On my page you can find information about my entrepreneurial ventures, photos I have captured and things I have learned about life along the way.

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First Entry of My Weekly Journal

Richard Ozols

My first weekly summary, purely for documentation purposes and driven by interest in self discovery. I have wanted to do this for some time now but needed to wrap my head around the how and why I want to do this.  Now that I know how and I have a strong why I think it will be something that I will have no trouble to sustain over a longer period of time. Committing to something and making it happen consistently is something I have struggled with for a long time. Building some core habits over the years like meditation, fitness and eating once a day has allowed me to see the value of daily repetition. The great aspect of daily repetition is that it usually brings visible signs of growth much faster and allows me to sustain momentum and discipline. I have stopped relying on my motivation for some time now, but I make use of it when it is there to help me drive my discipline further and use that energy to incorporate new habits or advance existing ones. Now that I feel the momentum in my core life habits I can more easily stay focused on my north start without getting tempted into short-term outcomes and pleasures. 

One of the areas I want to exert my energy on is documentation. I would love to and I am looking for ways to better document my journey and share my growth over a sustained period of time. I want to make use of writing, photo, audio and video to document my personal life and business. The personal side is already getting documented quite well on Instagram, but I have left out quite a lot of aspects of the whole picture. I love business and building something big and global, I feel that over the last decade I have built up my sales, technology, leader and product management skills to a decent level that would help other aspiring entrepreneurs to push through the tough parts of building a business. I feel that I have figured out how I will drive the documentation of my professional side in the form of a new business that will be focused on education. 

This week turned out quite active and eventful. Had lots of positive things developing on the business side that is motivating further growth and validating that we are moving in the right direction. Great opportunity with US government to help them with their mobile technology efforts. Multiple large global enterprises are interested spending face to face time with us to better understand how they can make us of our product globally within their organisations and for their client needs. We all together as a team are building greater momentum in becoming more effective. I feel that business growth is driving a fair share of my fulfilment and euphoria in life. I am also finding a way how to devote more of my time on working on the business, instead of in the business. Probably just need to block out more time for thinking and strategising. From day to day personal perspective I am very happy how I felt this week, as the feeling of fulfilment and growth is quite an important way how I gage my happiness. I was able to focus on fitness and health to further drive my peak performance. Spent time with close and likeminded friends who always share their positive vibes and I can share mine in return. I have been visualising and describing how I want to see myself and my life over the last few years and I can more so feel now that this is manifesting into reality as the perception of growth is increasing and I can see that I am becoming the person I have set out to be. The days were a good mix of hard hustle and Zen that allowed me to dig a bit deeper in my self-discovery journey. 

Few Paragraphs From My Daily Journals

As I further develop my mindfulness, I am starting to experience a power shift. My mind is slowly losing ground to the ever growing presence or fire and love that takes shape. As I dig deeper into my self-being, I can only find more fire and love that empower my mindfulness and gratitude. My journey of self-discovery has resulted in indescribable happiness and love towards life. Further and further I understand that even though I have come far, the journey will never be complete. Even if my mind lived for thousands of years, the journey of self-discovery and being would never end. I have bound my happiness to live alongside my journey that eliminates any attachment to outcomes. Thus there is not much that upsets my happiness. There are no expectations, no regrets, only the journey and pure love and mindfulness. My ultimate vision in life is not one of grand achievements or monetary wealth. But one that allows me to stay true to my core values and deepest self-expression. One that brings fulfilment and acceptance of the unknown with absence of regret.

My point of view. My point of view has separated from ego, expectation and attachment. I truly feel I have liberated my conscious mind from the past and future. The simple form of being brings beauty and appreciation for the smallest of things and shortest of moments. My feelings are heightened to experience the worlds deepest layers. My mind feels calm even if there is so much more happiness and love. One would fear there is much more to lose now. But once this experience comes to being, it alters your relationship to fear and the unknown. I have asked myself many times and I do even more so frequently now. What if I lose everything and I am left with nothing, stripped down to bare skin. Would I still be happy and fulfilled with life? The answer is - Yes! With a strong conviction I feel I do and I will do everything in my power to sustain a wholehearted yes to this question for the rest of my life.

How I feel when I start the day focused on my most important ritual - Everything felt into place as I was set to succeed from the first hour of the day. Early rise, meditation, high altitude run and cold shower. That kicked me into high gear. Coffee and getting work down was an added bonus that increased my fulfilment. Hitting the gym later was a very empowering experience that got me in a fucking do it to the best ability kinda mood. And I feel I was pushing it, but there is much more to push.

    Current Eating Habits

    I am still focused on having one meal a day. The meal is a mix of high-fat foods i.e. ketogenic and plant based. I am starting to use the word paleo more. My meals consist of green vegetable smoothies with vegan based protein, nuts and seeds. Kale and avocado salad and quinoa bowl with veggies and avocado. So lots of avocados. I take some supplements like BCAA, Vit. B, Vit. C, Vit. D, Omegas, spirulina, magnesium, MCT oil, maca, chia and turmeric. I drink 2 cups of coffee every morning and drink water when I feel I need to.

    Books I Am Reading

    • Fat for Fuel: A Revolutionary Diet to Combat Cancer, Boost Brain Power, and Increase Your Energy
    • Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity‎
    • Cosmos
    • Star Wars: Thrawn 

    What I Am Focused On 

    • Taking more action based on my gut feeling when it aligns with my vision, core values and non-negotiables
    • Further solidifying my morning and night rituals so that I can get up early each day and prime myself for domination
    • Simplifying my life by reducing the things I don’t find enjoyment in and that don’t contribute to my goals
    • Empowering my team for success and growth 

    Current High Level Goals

    • Increase monthly reoccurring revenue for the business 
    • Increase reliability and stability of the product
    • Improve my daily rituals and sleep consistency 

    Morning Ritual

    • Wash and brush 
    • Drink water
    • Meditate (25 mins)
    • Go for a run (15-20 mins)
    • Cold shower
    • Make coffee with AeroPress (15 mins)
    • Journal (15-20 mins)

    Daily Calm Quotes 

    I share these right after my morning meditation session as Instagram stories.

    My Mission Statement 

    I am driven and fulfilled by the fire that burns inside me. My vision is to play a vital role in the colonization of Mars in the next 30 years. That is my north star. My decisions are made with very long-term outcomes in mind. I am not driven by short-term pleasures and needs. On the professional side, I am building a business that will help me support my investments in biotech and AI startups. All the experimentation on my mind and body is to explain and explore the limits of humans.

    Few Photos From This Week

    Favourite Instagram Stories

    Some of my favorite Instagram stories from last week. I will use this video for my week in review over at my blog -

    Posted by Richard Ozols on Monday, 12 June 2017

    Parting Thoughts

    I am looking forward to each new day as I increase my momentum that drives fulfilment and further confidence. Certain things become easier to manage and maintain that allows me to increase my capacity for new and more changing goals and habits to pursue.