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My Commitment to Standing Desks

Richard Ozols

My first thought of moving to a standing desk came about when I started feeling the effects of sitting all day. My lower back would always build up tension that would result in pain. Not as bad that it would render my productivity useless, but still unpleasant. Due to my entrepreneurial tendencies, I am always trying to find free time to do some work. I tend to get into the flow quick and lose track of time. I ended up sitting for long hours at offices, living rooms, kitchens, coffee shops or parks. Standing up only when my butt got numb or I felt pain building up in my lower or upper back. To relieve some of the physical side effects of sitting I first moved to a fitness ball. That ended up an excellent idea. Whenever I was working from home, and that became a lot of my working time, I was using the fitness ball. This was a great lower back pain relief and no numb butt, and I was feeling more energized and productive.

Now came time for a standing desk. My only concern was staying productive. After doing some research online about the pros and cons of standing all day. I decided it was time to make the switch. I did not want to spend $500-$1000 on a dedicated standing desk, so I looked into some alternatives. I already had a working desk that I wanted to repurpose. I found a blog post explaining how to build a standing desk by hacking together few Ikea items for about $30. After a visit to Ikea, I ended up with my first standing desk. I think there were only about 2 or 3 times when things fell apart.

This was in my London apartment bedroom in December 2013.

It was not the most stable construction, but it served its purpose well. Few days in and I was hooked and stopped thinking about the need of sitting. I did not switch between standing and sitting as other adopters have suggested. I ended up using the standing desk all the time. I noticed the benefits straight away. No back pain, posture improved and my energy increased.

Then came the day I decided to start traveling around the world. And the thought that I will not be able to use a standing desk was becoming a reality. I researched online about portable standing desk options and followed some Kickstarter projects. But did not find anything promising or worthwhile getting. I felt like my standing desk habit came to an abrupt end.

Soon after I started traveling my creative juices and the desire for a standing desk kicked in. I started putting together my now standing desk variations out of what I had where I was staying. I then understood that there is always a way if there is a will when it comes to standing desks. Here are some of my standing desk variations while I was traveling around Asia.

Last year while staying at home I ended up getting my first "official" standing desk. It served its purpose well while I was using it and the ability to adjust the height was great.

But then my traveler bug kicked back in, and I was on the road again. Now traveling and standing while working was no longer an issue. I only need a stand for my laptop to get it as close as possible to my eye level. Here are some of my standing desk variations while traveling around Spain.

Now I am finally back home and using my standing desk, and I love it. I would like to be able to stand everywhere where work takes me. But I am happy as long as I do the majority of my work while on a standing desk.