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Great Non-Tech Habits To Crush Your Day


Great Non-Tech Habits To Crush Your Day

Richard Ozols

Over the last few years, I have been on a productivity and healthy habit spree. Fuelled by a strong desire to become a successful entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is like a roller coaster ride, with it’s highs and lows. I wanted to make sure I could survive all the lows and create enough highs. So why not give myself a better chance by developing lots of great habits.

I have acquired habits from books, blogs, videos, experiments and speaking to likeminded people. Habits with the highest impact have stuck around and I am happy to have them in my daily routine. The main personal areas I track for impact are happiness, fulfilment, energy and focus.

Here is a rundown of my most important non technology related habits.

Start each day super early

4am in my case. There is something special about the early hours. Most people are still in dreamland and the sun has yet to show its face. There is peace. No rush to start the day and plenty of time for your morning ritual. I use this time for self development, meditation, exercise and planning. Soon after my morning ritual, I am working away on my top 3 goals for the day. By the time I have my morning team meeting, I feel focused and full of energy, ready to share some positive vibes. The day just feels better and the unexpected stuff does not cause as much stress.

From my experience, getting up early is not a gradual habit. You just need to pick the hour and get up no matter what. Continue doing this and it will become a lot easier. Watch out for some awesome tips and my personal experiences in an upcoming blog post.

Picked this one up from the "Miracle Morning" book.

Intermittent Fasting

Eating your normal amount of food in a smaller time frame. And reducing your eating window each day to about 8 hours. I simplified my day by eliminating breakfast and not thinking about food until noon. This allowed me to reduce the number of decisions I make in the morning. I have more energy to focus on the important goals I have set for that day. I feel stronger and burn more fat that helps me to lean out. I was quite skeptical about Intermittent Fasting at first. Being on a vegan diet and doing IF, I did not want to lose too much weight and have low energy. The effect was quite the opposite. My abs are ripped, muscle weight is increasing, energy is high and I am crushing my workouts. IF has been fantastic for travel and helps me to stay productive and focused wherever I am.

So, if I get up at 4am each morning, I fast for the next 8 hours and focus on my top 3 tasks. I have lots of water and a cup of coffee soon after I finish my 7 minute workout. Towards the end of the fast I go out for some quick sprints and a calisthenics workout. Sometimes I hit the gym as well, but not that often anymore as I have started using my body as my weights.

Picked this one up from the "Bulletproof Diet" book.


I used to hit the gym 4 to 5 times a week, but with time it got boring to spend so much time indoors and running on a treadmill was uninspiring. I already work from my homes office on most days, so getting some fresh air and sun felt like a positive change. There is something inspiring about being outdoors and knowing that all you need is your body, somewhere to run and few bars. If your goals are to have a lean ripped body then calisthenics is a great way of getting there. If the weather is really bad outside, I take it to my living room with some great calisthenics exercises you can find on YouTube. Calisthenics are great for developing the feeling of progress and that practice makes perfect. I still remember how 6 months ago I was not able to do a proper handstand and now I can do almost 8 handstand push-ups. This is great for developing your upper body.

There are some great people you can follow on Instagram and YouTube to get some inspiration and example workouts.

Morning Rituals

Following a detailed morning ritual will help you to start the day on a positive note. Remove the decision making from your first 60 to 90 minutes and follow the steps every day religiously. I have about 25 steps in my morning ritual. I have made sure to pack in as many good habits as I can. Here is a stipend down list:

  • Start listening to classical music
  • Have cold water
  • Have warm lemon water 20 min later
  • Meditate 15 minutes
  • Read a book for 15 minutes
  • 7 minute workout
  • Stretch
  • Visualisation
  • Read Affirmations
  • Cold Shower
  • Journal
  • Make Coffee with AeroPress (Inverted)
  • Plan my main goals for the day
  • Email inbox to 0
  • Plan and send team goals

To simplify the morning further I have narrowed down my personal clothing style to sporty and casual. I have everything in multiple pairs and wear the same things and wash them every day. Whenever I travel I make sure to stick to my morning ritual and it heals tremendously to stay productive and positive on the go.