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Nexus 5 or iPhone 5s?


Nexus 5 or iPhone 5s?

Richard Ozols

Just to set the scene, I have been an iPhone user, since it first appeared on the market. Have followed liveblogs when previous iPhone successor were announce by Steve Jobs and later Tim Cook. Over the years as many iOS users I have invested in the ecosystem, apps, music and other services. 

When it comes to Android phones, I manly come across them when I needed to make sure my apps where working across all mobile platforms, so I never was really interested in having one as my primary phone. Android sparked more interest when Google launched the Nexus 7 tablet, that I actually got in a hackathon while visiting San Francisco. Nexus 7 was where I got to experience the pure Android OS without all the preloaded crapware that comes along with so many other devices on the market. My 2nd generation iPad started gathering dust, while the Nexus table got more use mainly due to being more compact and overall felt like something new and different.

I got the iPhone 5s few weeks ago and have been positively impressed by the performance gain and overall build quality. The only two things that have been a let down are the battery life and a rattling power button on my device. When it comes to the camera, you can't really go wrong with that on the iPhone, takes great photos.

So, happy iPhone use right? Until the Nexus 5 arrived, screen size, Android KitKat and the phone looks and feels great. Have had it for few days now and I must say I like what Google and LG have done. Performance wise can't really see much of a difference between both Nexus and iPhone, picture quality on the Nexus is probably the only thing that jumps out at the moment, but Google have said they are working on a software fix to make it perform better, lets hope. And price of course, the Nexus is almost half the price of an iPhone, but don't get me wrong, Nexus doe's not feel or look cheap by any means.

Currently the Nexus 5 is edging a bit further as a primary phone for me...

Here is a quick video I put together that compares them both side by side.